Was the world really created out of the secretions of white ants? Termite TV explores and creates connections between secrets and secretions. This show reveals the lesser known poetry of Jonathan Swift, gives a critical look to the photographs of Andres Serrano, and reflects on the stain of menstruation. No bodily fluid is left unexamined.

Karen Lefkovitz
Anula Shetty
Coordinating producers

SegmentVideo ArtistCollaboratorRole
Open - TV Burial
On the Street - Secrets & SecretionsCarl Lee, Matt Gould, Bob Herring
Secret of DesireDorothea BraemerAnnette BraemerFilmmaker
CumKaren Lefkovitz
AlligatorBen Johnson
Diarrhea of a Country PriestJerome Carolfi
Uncle DaveWendy SurinskyDavid Goldenberg, MD
Bad BreathDorothea Braemer
On the Street - Secrets & Secretions Carl Lee, Matt Gould, Bob Herring
Peter & IvanJim Ospenson
GenesisWendy Surinsky
Andres SerranoKaren Lefkovitz & Anula Shetty
Termite ExcretiaMichael Kuetemeyer
Jonathan Swift PoemKaren Lefkovitz & Anula Shetty


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