Termite TV invades the workplace. Workers of some worlds have nothing to lose: their chains include body fluid commodity futures, writer's block, surveillance cameras, condoms, super bowl discontent, the post office, and their own golden throats.

Jim Ospenson
Coordinating Producer
SegmentVideo ArtistCollaboratorRole
Open Jim OspensonTee VeeOpen Hound
Ants & fruit fliesKilroy McAloha
In The Street: On WorkMeryl Perlson
Corporate CamerasJim Ospenson
FidgetMike Grundmann
Super PwolJim Ospenson
Human Lab RatRichard Brenin
Broad StreetKaren Lefkovitz
Midnight Cowboy Project Jim OspensonFelix Gardon, Midnight Cowboy ProjectInterview
Girls Can WorkFound Film by Todd Kimmel
Car Show SpielsJim Ospenson
Straight up: No ChaserJim Ospenson & Joy Malinowski
Postal WorkerJim OspensonBarbeque StoolMusicians


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