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This archeological excursion into Philadelphia’s spotted
underbelly answers those perennial questions:
Did Frank Rizzo really
have doves flying from his armpits? Are the mummers true Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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tists? Are
you really safe? And finally, how many Philadelphia criminals can you
identify in this program…. Tune in and find out.

Segment Video
Collaborator Role
Action News Open
Tarot Reading Termite Beth Reisinger Community Member
Rizzo Quotes Michael Kuetemeyer Ben Johnson Actor
Peep Show Mary Clare Stevens
Sales and Closings Jim Ospenson
Mummers Jim Ospenson Mummers Performer
Brain Autopsy with Dr. Gene Hoenig Jim Ospenson Dr. Gene Hoenig Community Member
Test Promo with Martha Star Meryl Perlson Martha McDonald Actor
Pot Hole of the Week Mike Grundmann
Rizzo Quote Michael Kuetemeyer Ben Johnson Actor
Safety Meryl Perlson
Peep Show 2 Mary Clare Stevens
Police Chief justifies violence Police Chief Community Member
Penn is on Top Michael Kuetemeyer
Squirrels Mike Grundmann
Martha and Blaise Tour the City Perlson Martha McDonald actor
Mummers 2 Jim Ospenson Mummers Performer
Rizzo Quote Frank Rizzo Community Member
Summer 1968 Jim Ospenson & Meryl Perlson Barbara Smith Poet
Rizzo as Ubermench Jim Ospenson + Meryl Perlson Lou Pepe Actor
Credits George Kuetemeyer Musician

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