Media is a controlled substance



Hear the true confessions of a producer as he makes a sacrificial
offer to St. Clare, patroness saint of television. Bow your head to
the gleaming giants at the Manayunk antenna farm. Figure out how much
it costs to watch your favorite programs. Learn how to change the channel.
How many hours of television do you watch a day?

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Segment Video
Collaborator Role
Slowmo TV crash open
Cable in the New Year Michael Kuetemeyer
Change the Channel Jim Ospenson
How Many Hours of TV per Day Meryl Perlson + Dave Kluft On the Street Community Members
TV film – Responsible citizen Prog Jim Ospenson Todd Kimmel Film Collector
Wave Form Dance Michael Kuetemeyer
I’m a Star Meryl Perlson Mary Clare Stevens Performer
Tube Fare Promo Michael Kuetemeyer
Monkey Brain 23 Michael Kuetemeyer
Laptop Mike Grundmann
Power of the Media Todd Kimmel Film Collector
CNN is God + response Michael Kuetemeyer, from CNN
Saint Clare Michael Kuetemeyer Jim Caiola + Anula Shetty actor
Impulse Two Step Jim Ospenson
Antenna Farm Jim Ospenson
Cable Rate Breakdown Jim Ospenson Roger Berkowitz Musician
TV Sacrifice Michael Kuetemeyer
Credits – plug+socket Mike Grundmann