Media is a controlled substance



THIS IS ONLY A TEST’s most controversial show provides a Theory of Everything
linking the Kennedy Assassination to the texture of day-old Wonder Bread,
Automatic Teller Machines, birth control, disturbed loners, and pussycats.
A high priest of conspiracy theology outlines strategies of resistance.

Segment Video
Collaborator Role
Kennedy Assassination over+over Jim Ospenson William Cooper Video Artist
TV Smash
A. Waker on Conspiracies Jim Ospenson A. Waken Interview
Zapruder Footage Analysis Jim Ospenson William Cooper Video Artist
Ideal World + Conspiracy=Real World Michael Kuetemeyer
It Makes You Wonder Lou Pepe
Nothing is Random / Disturbed Loaners Michael Kuetemeyer George K. Performer
More White Noise Chris Emmanouilides
Original Sin is Original Conspiracy Michael Kuetemeyer
Meryl’s Birth Control Kitchen Meryl Perlson
What’s Your Conspiracy Michael Kuetemeyer
A. Waken – How to Resist Jim Ospenson A. Waken Interview
Paws off my Pussy Meryl Perlson Interview

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