Media is a controlled substance


September 1 – 14, 2001


What is art? What makes you angry? Should you carry a gun?

The viewer is the creator is the viewer in this interactive, automated multimedia installation by Mike Kuetemeyer, produced for the 2001 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Respond to the questions posed and see what other users have to say, then add your own opinion.

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September 1 – 7, 2001

Created in collaboration with Bad Penny Productions and programmed in the 2001 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, this live multimedia theater performance turns its cold eye on the sordid atmosphere of a publishing company in the throes of “workforce reduction”. The (melo)drama and the pathos of corporate love and paranoia are closely monitored for all to enjoy. With generous audience interaction! Fun!

Starring Corinna Burns, William Collins, Deb Disbrow, Kurt Runco and Bill Rayhill.

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