Media is a controlled substance


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an exhibition at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Betty Rymer Gallery
280 South Columbus Drive
Chicago, IL 60603

February 1 to March 14, 2002

“Cultural diversity is both a fact of modernity and its destination. How social diversity is conceptualized determines how we negotiate sexual, cultural, racial, geographic, and national differences. The term “diversity” is employed to achieve differing aesthetic, political and social ends by artists and cultural workers. Interrogating Diversity represents multiple approaches to these concerns while also investigating the meaning and strategies of these approaches.”

Curated by Jorge Felix, Regan Grusy, Richard Hunt, and Laurie Palmer

Termite TV’s installation includes the shows:
Native AlienLife Stories from AlaskaViolentLife Stories from the BorderlandsMoney,TelekineticsLife Stories from PhiladelphiaRollover and Life Stories from the Big Island, Hawaii.

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