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March is Justice Month

March is Justice Month.

Do you have a family member or friend who has been incarcerated? How is your life affected by it?
Termite TV Collective explores life stories that surround incarceration in Philadelphia.
These are the faces that are often invisible and the voices we rarely hear.

Prison Life Stories will challenge perceptions of what kind of people are in prison today and why.

Prison Life Stories by Termite TV Collective’s Deborah Rudman, Anula Shetty & Michael Kuetemeyer
featuring: Patrick Middleton, Julia Lopez, Judith Trustone, Cameron Holmes, Brenda Robinson, Deborah Rider,
Thomas Gallagher, Damani Lopez, Antoinette Hannibal, John Bell, Naima Black, Charlie Patterson
photographs from Temple University Libraries, Urban Archives
(30 min., © 2008)

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