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Fungus Garden at the Mound


One way of looking at Fungus Garden:

The Macrotermitinae (family Termitidae) cultivate symbiotic fungi (Termitomyces). The termites construct spongelike “fungus gardens,” or combs, possibly of fecal matter rich in the carbohydrate lignin. The fungi grow on the combs, and the termites consume both fungi and combs. The fungi break down the fecal matter used to construct the combs into substances that can be reutilized by the termites.

The other way of looking at Fungus Garden is a Termite TV Collective event at the Crane Building on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

This October 9th, you are invited to join the Termites for an evening of locative media beginning at 6:00 PM at 1400 N. American St.

Feel free to use one of the hand-held devices to be provided or if you prefer to your own phone, download the video in advance here:

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