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Waste – call for works









Termite TV is soliciting new media work for its ‘Waste’-themed show set to debut in October 2015. Current pieces include profiles of artists working with garbage, a trash cleanup project and exhibition, dumpster diving, an old vacuum and timelapse pieces on working with recycled art. Other open topics discussed include Happy Trash Day related work, exploration of vacant lot garbage, profiles of scrappers or scrapyards. Any new works exploring the notion of ‘waste’, however broad are up for consideration. Pieces can range in tone from serious to playful.

Termite TV is also interested in partnering with galleries, institutions, and curators to create installations and gallery type exhibitions and events that focus on the concepts of waste.

If you’re interested in creating new work of any genre or revisiting old pieces, please submit a short paragraph that includes:

– Your Name
– Description of Idea
– Approx. Length

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the  Coordinating Producing Team: John Pettit (johnrpettit AT or Alan Powell (powell AT We are looking to have your proposals and/or rough edits by May 30th and completed pieces by September 12th.

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