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cycles imageTermite TV will present a live video/sound installation using multiple projections, live 3-camera mixing and interactive presentations during the LIVE CULTURE program at PhillyCAM on Friday July 1, 2016 from 7-8pm. Inspired by the theme of CYCLES this collaborative presentation will include work that explores cycles of life, speech, nature, analog video waves, live audio, synthesizers, juggling and more!

The program is open and free to attend in our studio. If you’re not able to make it, catch the live broadcast on PhillyCAM’s TV Channel Comcast 66/966 /Verizon 29/30) and on our webchannel: from 7-8pm.

clcle handsclcle portraitscycle handcycles image

Artists include:
Gralin Hughes
Michael Kuetemeyer
George Kuetemeyer
Anula Shetty
Michael Long
Jeff Bethea
Laura Deutch
Dan Zink
Alan Powell
Leslie Birch
John Phillips
Max Groff
Mabel Negrete
Deborah Rudman

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