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Fungus Garden at the Mound


One way of looking at Fungus Garden:

The Macrotermitinae (family Termitidae) cultivate symbiotic fungi (Termitomyces). The termites construct spongelike “fungus gardens,” or combs, possibly of fecal matter rich in the carbohydrate lignin. The fungi grow on the combs, and the termites consume both fungi and combs. The fungi break down the fecal matter used to construct the combs into substances that can be reutilized by the termites.

The other way of looking at Fungus Garden is a Termite TV Collective event at the Crane Building on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

This October 9th, you are invited to join the Termites for an evening of locative media beginning at 6:00 PM at 1400 N. American St.

Feel free to use one of the hand-held devices to be provided or if you prefer to your own phone, download the video in advance here:

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Fungus Garden: Second Thursdays at the Mound 1400 N. American St. #412 November 13th 6pm – Video Mixing & Live Projection

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Termite TV at Dark, Projection in the Park

Situated in a quiet, dark corner of Penn Treaty Park, about 20 people gathered over 2.5 hours to watch, participate, listen and project images on different surfaces in the park. The central installation, Be Here Wow, offered a looping 45minute soundtrack of guided meditations crowd-sourced from 15 artists throughout the county. Light textures were projected onto the canopy providing seating for 4 people inside.

Outside, 2 white pieces of fabric tied to large trees created a ‘corner’ viewing area for multiple projections. A few participants submitted short video clips in advance, while others generated imagery from a tablet, or pulled clips from their cell phones.

Additional ‘pocket’ projectors roamed the park throwing light on the walkways, people and surrounded surfaces.

Tea and snacks were served. At the end of the night, all of the supplies were packed back into the tricycle and removed from the park.

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Join Termite TV for an experimental multimedia Fungus Garden as the sun goes down. Exploring themes of sustainability in all of its forms, from the personal to the global, Termite invites participants to submit work in any format for digital projection in the park. We will be showcasing a psychedelic meditation tent with inspirational audio tracks, titled Be Here Wow, and using multiple projectors to play with light, text, photo and video on surrounding surfaces in the park.



Participating Artists:

Laura Deutch, Debbie Rudman, Allan Powell, Michael Kuetemeyer, George Kuetemeyer, Lisa Marie Patzer, Stephen Horcha, Katya Gorker, Michael O’Reilly.


3 ‘pocket’ video projector, 1 large video projector. White fabric for projection. Customized tricycle and canopy for Be Here Wow installation with independent power supply and speakers. Laptop, phones, tablet for projection sources. Stedicam for roaming projection.


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