Media is a controlled substance



Follow “Only a Test” as we go undercover to a
meeting of Victoria’s Secret addicts, to discover if feminism and lingerie
are really compatible. This half-hour will reveal the true connection
between mall grazing and hunting/gathering, and leak the secret about
the color of colas. How much does watching TV really cost?
Segment Video
Collaborator Role
Action News Open
Do You Like Shopping David Kluft On the Street Interviews
Obsession Dan Kuetemeyer and Ben Johnson
Coke Pepsi Garden of Eden Michael Kuetemeyer
What Mall are You From
Products in Progress Todd Kimmel Film Collector
Jane on Shopping Michael Kuetemeyer Janet Hoefling Interview
Underwear Mike Grundmann
WOW Bill Board Jim Ospenson
Tube Fare Magic Number Jim Ospenson
Flag Jim Ospenson,Stern, Leuthold, Lyons, Wolfe,
Buy American from a Multinational?
Cola War Michael Kuetemeyer
Victoria’s Secret Society Jennifer Kay Baker + Lisa Marie Russo
Tube Fare Quiz Michael Kuetemeyer / Jim Ospenson
Prez Candy Jim Ospenson
Q-TIP Mike Grundmann
Camel Cash Jim Ospenson
A Short History of Pain Suppression Jim Ospenson
So Many Tampons Meryl Perlson
Tube Fare Watching TV is Work Jim Ospenson
Cola Race War Michael Kuetemeyer
Credits Michael Kuetemeyer

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