Media is a controlled substance



Where were you when the bombs started flying? Watching the war on CNN
of course… Relive those magic moments, as Termite TV telescopes its
own historical spin on the events, with old favorites like Wolf, Norm,
and that greatest magician of all, George. Remember, in order for the
trick to succeed, you must keep the audience distracted.
Segment Video
Collaborator Role
TV Reverse Open
Poster Reverse
TV War Meryl Perlson
Desert Storm My War Jim Ospenson
CNN Logos Michael Kuetemeyer
Information is obsolete text Michael Kuetemeyer
Peace is everyone’s Goal Michael Kuetemeyer
Art of Misdirection Michael Kuetemeyer
Read his Lips with Gulls Michael Kuetemeyer
CNN Wall Street Response Michael Kuetemeyer, from CNN
Military Shopping Jim Ospenson
Can’t Eat Weapons Jim Ospenson + Meryl Perlson Jobs For Peace Performer
CNN Reporters gobble rhetoric quotes from Tarbel’s Book of magic
CNN Gas Attack Michael Kuetemeyer, from CNN
Military Shopping w. crawl Jim Ospenson
CNN No Gas Attack Michael Kuetemeyer, from CNN
CNN Advice for Obsessed Michael Kuetemeyer, from CNN
Iraq is Haunted Jim Ospenson Victor Thompson Community Member
Reflection on Protests Meryl Perlson PRESSA Source video
Black Board Kill Ratio Jim Ospenson
Fuel Air Bombs Jim Ospenson
Anti Body Count Jim Ospenson
Repeating a trick/the Witch is dead Michael Kuetemeyer
Peace Now Connie Coleman & Alan Powell
Credits with Industrial Wolf Blitzer Michael Kuetemeyer

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