Purring pets and bored grandmothers become bonded with the Id and the Ego through the forces of Animal Magnetism. But, tales of dead dogs and ducks reveal the tragic complications of inter-species love. What animal will you be reincarnated into? psst...Nicole's dog knows O.J. did it.

Coordinating producer
Michael Kuetemeyer

Segment Video Artist Collaborator Role
OpenTee VeeOpen Hound
Purring Cat TitleMichael Kuetemeyer
An-i-mal definitionMichael KuetemeyerBen JohnsonInterview
Squirrels - Wildlife Survey: Earth/United StatesMike Grundmann
Cat in a pretzel bagMichael KuetemeyerDonnieCat
BrutusMichael O'Reilly
OJ CircusMeryl PerlsonE. Belding, S. Ferrier, D. Hudson, D. Madge, B. NettlesCamera & Interview
AnimaMichael KuetemeyerBen JohnsonPhilosophy
Insanitorium - pt 1George Kuchar
Moe the AnimalMichael KuetemeyerDan KuetemeyerPerformer
Cat & CopterDorothea BraemerKristi ConnersPerformer
Animal Magnetism from Ben Franklin(s)Keith Fulton
Wildlife Survey: Earth/United StatesMichael Grundmann
GilbertMichael O'Reilly
Animus - CowMichael KuetemeyerBen JohnsonPhilosophy
Pro-Life Propaganda for HensJenifer Maslow
Ducks- Wildlife Survey: Earth/United StatesMichael Grundmann
Dead Duck StoryDorothea BraemerTerri WelshInterview
Squirrels frozen - Wildlife Survey: Earth/United StatesMichael Grundmann
FishingBen Johnson
Fish BowlAnula Shetty
the object of lifeBen Johnson & Michael Kuetemeyer
PortiaMichael O'Reilly
Dead Duck StoryDorothea BraemerDavid E. WilliamsInterview
Insanitorium - pt 2George Kuchar
What animal would you be?Dorothea Braemer & Terri Welsh

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