A white hot Termite expose of pyrotechnic brain chemistry, redheads, lava sacraments, flag burners, and Waco Texas scorches your home screen. Barbecue Stool sings a ballad of the electric chair.

Jim Ospenson
Coordinating producer

Segment Video Artist Collaborator Role
Intro Jim Ospenson
Seizure Sites Jim Ospenson Chris O'Connell Writer
Hawaiian Lava Michael Kuetemeyer Dan Kuetemeyer Performer
One Woman's Mistake Richard Brenin
Fiery Passion Lecture on "Birth of a Nation" Prof. Hector Littlewolf
Newport Singing Ad Todd Kimmel Found Footage
Eddie Fires up a Joint Richard Brenin
Self Combustion Jim Ospenson
Red Head Meryl Perlson
Vietnam Fire Richard Brenin
On the Burning of Flags Dettra Collective David Blalock & Shawn Eichman Performers
Burning Bodies for Jesus Richard Brenin
Barbeque Stool Jim Ospenson O'Connell & Tunney Musicain


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