The show is in the mail, along with girl scout oaths, student loan repayments, a cheap landlord, sweepstakes millions, religious covenants and the Contract on America. Termite TV wants to know: what have you done for us lately?

Meryl Perlson
Coordinating producer

Segment Video Artist Collaborator Role
Open Jim Ospenson
Open Eyes Meryl Perlson Will Knapp Actor
Vox Pop - biggest lie Scott Ferrer & David Hudson
Landlord Dorothea Braemer Hui Sy Teo & Shawn Drea Community Member
Whose Fault Default Richard Brenin
Pledge #1 Meryl Perlson Erica Nicole Carroll Performer
Contract on America Jim Ospenson
Pledge #2 Meryl Perlson Victoria Preble Performer
Promises Coleman & Powell
Home Shopping J. D. Littlewolf
Sweepstakes Anula Shetty
Covenant S. Ashraf Meer
Credits Meryl Perlson


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